Ever since the makers announced that the series would be returning with the Lupin Part 2 in summer 2021.  The release of the first season of Lupin was in January 2021, and till then fans are being restless. This is highly understandable as the show has taken everyone by surprise with just five episodes in the first part, where the viewers are introduced to a charming thief who embarks upon his own journey to avenge his father.


What else do you need? A handsome son going on his own mission for his beloved father, well this emotional plotline is getting so much love from its audience. Despite its amazing plotline, the show is certainly a must-watch because of the lead characters’ effortless performances. Nonetheless, we have provided all the relevant information regarding the second part.

Lupin Season 1 – A Revisit

In part 1, the viewers get to know their favorite character Assane Diop who is a thief for a reason. As in flashbacks, it was being shown that his father was falsely accused of stealing the necklace. Therefore, Assane, in the present time, devises a plan of stealing that same necklace in order to avenge his father. However, it’s easier said than done as after the robbery there were so many incidents which took place due to which his life and his gang members life hangs in jeopardy so many times.

Furthermore, towards the end of part 1, Hubert successfully kills Fabienne, which leaves Assane devastated. Moreover, to make things worse, Raoul was snatched by Hubert. These events put Assane in an unexpected situation with Claire, more of which will be revealed in Lupin season 1 Part 2 of the show.

Lupin Season 1 (Part 2): Expectations, Poster & Trailer

Lupin Part 2 of the show will also consist of 5 episodes, and the series already has so many loose ended. Therefore, it would be interesting for the viewers to see how the writers are going to conclude the story just in 5 episodes.


Furthermore, Assane was caught by detective Youssef in the fifth episode on the beach, which puts the main character in an even more dire situation than ever. Amidst all this, Claire might finally decide to move on and not to see Assane’s face ever again as he is always shady about his motives and always lies to her.

Nonetheless, whatever might happen with your favorite character’s personal life, one thing is for sure that these 5 episodes will undoubtedly be a rollercoaster ride for its fans. Moreover, till now, the episodes have always maintained the thrill and suspense. Thus, there’s no reason not to expect the same with the second part.

When Will Lupin Part 2 Will Release?

Lupin Season 1 of the series was recently released on January  8, 2021. Moreover, later in January, it was confirmed by Netflix that the show would be returning with the second part in the Summer of 2021. However, the exact date of release is still unknown as there’s no official statement released regarding the same.


Lupin: Cast (Anticipated)

With the show’s theme, it is most probable that fans might see new characters in the upcoming segment. However, so far, the already introduced characters will most likely appear for the next season, assuming that nothing happens to them. Below is the list of all the characters who might return for the second round of the thriller series:

  • Omar Sy might return as Assane Diop.
  • Vincent Londez will be returning as Captain Romain Laugier.
  • Mamadou Haidara might reprise the role of young Assane Diop.
  • Léa Bonneau will be portraying a younger version of Juliette Pellegrini.
  • Clotilde Hesme will be recurring as Juliette Pellegrini.
  • Ludivine Sagnier will be seen as Claire.
  • Nicole Garcia will be seen as Anne Pellegrini.
  • Ludmilla Makowski will portray the younger version of Claire.
  • Antoine Gouy will be playing the character of Benjamin Ferel.
  • Soufiane Guerrab will be seen in the role of Youssef Guedira.
  • Etan Simon will be seen as Raoul.
  • Hervé Pierre will be seen as Hubert  Pellegrini.


So, now you know everything about the release date and expected cast members for the second part. As of now, you must already know that the second part is gonna hit the screens soon, so don’t let the excitement die as our charming thief Assane Diop will be returning with his adventurous journey.