Save your valuable time with online payment. Go through the NJMCDirect login and payment procedure to pay for traffic tickets.

NJMCDirect is an online portal that allows people to pay fine-bills and traffic tickets easily. The municipal court of New Jersey runs this portal. New Jersey citizens can pay for traffic tickets with their NJMCDirect Prefix code without any hassle. Now they do not have to worry about standing in queues for paying traffic fines. This article is going to highlight how the online portal has appeared to be beneficial.

Requirements for Using NJMCDirect:

A user must have the following things to access the NJMCDirect online payment portal.

  1. Traffic Ticket: You need to have a legal parking ticket or traffic ticket. It is considered to be a proof. It contains Court ID and Ticket Number on it. The ticket-issuing authority mentions on the ticket which sort of traffic violation you have attempted.
  2. Credit Card: As you are going to pay online, you must have a credit or debit card. You can also use MasterCard or VISA Card for paying through NJMCDirect.
  3. License Plate Number: You should have a license plate number. Your driving license must contain that number.
  4. Proper Device: You need to have a smartphone, PC, or laptop with strong and stable internet connection. Use the following browsers to access NJMCDirect official website.
  • AOL 9.0 or higher
  • Netscape 8.1 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Firefox 1.5 or higher

Steps For Doing Payment on NJMCDirect:

The payment procedure is very simple and less time-consuming.

  • First Go to website.
  • Choose the “Traffic Ticket” option.
  • Enter details like Prefix, Court ID/Name, License Plate Number, Ticket Number from your recent ticket bill copy.
  • Tap “Search” after entering all the essential information.
  • It will redirect you to the NJMCDirect payment page. Then, you can make payment with your Credit or Debit card.

NJMC Payment Hours:

Although most online portals give 24/7 hours service, NJMCDirect has particular operational hours. The payment hours are as follows:

  • Monday to Thursday- 7:30 am-11:45 pm (EST)
  • Friday- 7:30 am- 10:45 pm (EST)
  • Saturday- 7:30 am- 3:45 pm (EST)
  • Sunday- 1:00 pm- 11:45 pm (EST)

NJMCDirect Terms and Conditions:

NJMC has fixed certain terms and conditions for online payment. Users need to follow them while making payment for traffic bills.

  • Without having a legal traffic ticket, users cannot proceed with the payment procedure. If your traffic ticket gets outdated, you can’t avail of NJMCDirect advantages.
  • you have to pay convenience costs for the organization.
  • Users must have a payable encroachment type of traffic ticket. That ticket needs to complete all the trails of New Jersey Court.

NJMCDirect Customer Service Contact Details:

When you have any queries, you can contact NJMCDirect authority using the following details.

  • Phone Number: 973 284 4945
  • Fax: 973 284 4914
  • Office Address: NJMC Public Safety Building, 2nd floor, 228 Chestnut Street, New Jersey, United States of America.

NJMCDirect online payment portal has made payment easier. You do not have to go outside to make payment. Just make payment during NJMCDirect operational hours. The portal is safe and secure. So, you do not have to worry about falsification. The portal never discloses users’ personal information to any third party. Have a nice time without worrying about going to court for payment of traffic bills.

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1Q. What happens if one doesn’t pay on time at NJMCDirect?

Ans: There is no strict rule that you have to make payments online. You can also pay the bill by visiting the New Jersey municipal court. Make sure that you pay on time to avoid extra fees or unnecessary fines.

2Q. How can I check all tickets to a vehicle in the NJMC portal?

Ans: You do not have to do anything like profile creation. When you login with your License Plate Number you can get previous information.

3Q. How can I search for a ticket on NJMCDirect online portal?

Ans: If you do not know your ticket number, search for municipal complaint information. You will get to know about the NJ ticket on the official page.

 4Q. Is the payment of convenience cost necessary?

Ans: Yes, you have to pay the convenience charge. Otherwise, you can’t make payment for your traffic tickets using the NJMCDirect online payment portal.