Good News for all Lowe’s Employees. Now offering LetLive Music Subscription for all Employees. Users can login to and click “Activate Music Subscription for 30 Days”. After this users can also cancel by raising support ticket.

Myloweslife – An Introduction

When one handles a large company, then it gets difficult to keep track of all the employees and all their whereabouts. My Lowes Life is one such company that handles more than 200 employees. To improve the connectivity between employees in this company, Myloweslife was devised. This online login portal is open for all the employees of that company to use. This ingenious method of inter-connectedness within the company was made keeping all the employees in mind. This not only helps increase the productivity of the employees but also makes sure that they are never bored in the workplace. This portal serves as a gateway to recreation and people can hang out with their work friends if they want.


This is an online portal much like any other portals one finds on the internet. But this has an added functionality of keeping all the details of the employees that can be referred by them in case they want to check out their salary slips, taxes, etc. Myloweslife also provides all the 265 employees with the ability to view their schedules and benefits from any place and any point of time. This ensures that no employee misses out a day of work for not knowing about the proper schedule. On top of all this, employees can contact their colleagues and take advice on a certain project or a transaction that will benefit the employee as well as the company. Think of this as an inter-corporate social media built just for the people who work there. Its usability is vast and its advantages are numerous. Along with increasing productivity, it also helps the employees stay up to date with all the recent advancements made within the organization.

Accessing the Portal

Accessing the Myloweslife portal is extremely easy and anyone with a decent internet connection can do this. If one is an employee at this My Lowes Life or was working in this organization at some point of time can access this portal easily. All one has to do to get access to this site is to visit the website, then fill in the sales number and enter a password of your choice. This password is extremely important as it gives one access to the portal, without it no one can enter or view their page at this portal. Once the registration process is done, the employees can easily access the portal by filling in the required details and fields.